30 May 2017
The desert heat in Iraq is plagued by people who have had difficult days because of the lack of electricity and water.

In the country where the air temperature is 50 degrees Celsius, the only solution for Iraqis who spend most of their day without electricity is ice molds. Every day, tens of thousands of Iraqi families buy ice molds for their homes to keep their food fresh and meet their water needs. People often go to the queue for ice molds falling on the black market. While an ice mold can stand for a maximum of 2 days, the locals also use the melted ice as beverages.

Thermodesign 's contribution to the relief of the people in difficult situations and civil aid organizations in the country is growing.

The ice molds produced by Thermodesign ice machines are distributed free of charge to the poor people and help to alleviate their needs, albeit to some extent.
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