Cooling systems are always ignored for financial reasons!

16 December 2020

Our company owner Güray Ürkmez's article named "Cooling systems are always ignored for financial reasons!" has need published in several media. We would like to share this article below:

The cooling systems, which are used to preserve the products, play an important role in ensuring food safety. However, officials say that financial reasons prevent investment in cooling systems.

Cooling systems, which are used especially during the post-harvest storage, processing and delivery of food products, play an important role in the protection of food health. Cooling systems are manufactured at 3 basic temperatures as standard: cool preservation (+ 7 / + 16C), fresh preservation (0 / + 4C) and frozen preservation (-18 / -23C). Apart from these, there are also special systems that can go down to minus 40 ° C (degrees Celsius) in order to eliminate the need for rapid cooling of foods with the blast freezing method. -60 ° C cooling systems are also used for Tuna fish and some other fish species that need lower temperatures, as well as cosmetics, cultures, vaccines, medicines and scientific test environments. It draws attention to the lack of adequate awareness Authorities cooling systems in Turkey. Güray Ürkmez, CEO of the domestic cooling systems company Termodizayn, who made an assessment on the subject, said, “Unfortunately, in our country, there are problems arising from the unconsciousness of the producers and consumers in the provision of the cold chain. Particularly, some of the manufacturers of cooling devices cannot reach the quality they deserve, both manufacturers and consumers, with cooling systems that are designed simply according to limited capital and customer demands, and have insufficient equipment.


Stating that the problems caused by the lack of cooling systems are frequently experienced in the food sector and this situation puts the public health at risk, Ürkmez said, “Although food products vary according to their types and physical structures, we see that there are losses in nutritional values ​​and quality when delivered to the consumer after harvest. Moreover, these losses occur at a point close to the spoilage limit of the product when many food products reach the consumption stage. In order to prevent this situation, it is necessary to generalize qualified cooling systems that will keep the food quality at the highest level after production or harvest and to protect the health of the society and increase the awareness activities on this issue ”.


Ürkmez pointed out that a healthy and fast cold chain should be established and protected before storage in order to extend the storage time of food products, “As Termodizayn Cooling Systems, we contribute to the cooling chain with our hygienic cold storages suitable for food storage and container type portable cooling systems. With -40 ° C freezing systems and mobile type freezing containers, we offer producers the opportunity to freeze their products quickly and easily. For the storage of frozen products, we provide convenience to producers with -18 ° C / -25 ° C cold storages suitable for food hygiene. Contrary to the high cost perception among manufacturers, low energy consumption and long-lasting cooling systems provide an advantage for manufacturers by preventing product losses ”.

Güray Ürkmez pointed out that the place where the cold storages will be installed is also determinant in food safety, “The place where the cold storage and cooling systems will be installed should be chosen considering the purpose for which they will be used. Manufacturers who have limited space or do not have a fixed building can use container-type portable cold storages and freezing units. Thus, manufacturers can safely store their products by moving their cold storages to wherever and whenever they want, ”he said.

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