Norwegian fishing boats are equipped with Termodizayn quality

13 March 2018

Now, Norwegian fishing boats are equipped with Termodizayn quality. We delivered the first two boats soon. Ice machines and cold storage systems are available on the boats. Working on a ship is much more difficult than standard works, safety and safety conditions must be provided in the best possible way. Every system on the ship must be able to perform its duty without being affected even in difficult sea conditions, especially in the ocean conditions.

All water and gas installations must be intelligently designed within the vessel, and with easy-to-use narrative visual tags and guidelines, each ship's system must be easily manageable.

One of the boats we equipped has already sailed to Netherlands and the other one to Norway. The development and progress of the shipping industry in Turkey has also facilitated our work.

Termodizayn will will have more projects for fishing boats in the near future.

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