Now Termodizayn a member of ASKON

28 May 2019

By becoming a member of ASKON as Termodizayn, we have added a more dynamic understanding of trade to our company. We hope it will be even better.

 ASKON, as an organization that prefers to respect the interests of our country and our people, who share the same vision with national and international organizations and entrepreneurs who are independent from the rulers. To maintain stability along with dynamism and flexibility, to maintain unity with different opinions and opinions, to maintain the direction with the use of speed of action and participation, to maintain the balance of originality and to preserve the originality. ASKON, in order to reduce the difference between regional development, to ensure total development; Develops programs for eder fair income distribution, produces policies to increase production, employment and exports, pioneers the search for investment and cooperation, and encourages productivity and R & D.

 We wish that our membership to Askon Anadolu Lions Businessmen Association brings good faith to our company, our state and our nation.

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