Solar Powered Mobile Cold Storages

15 February 2023

Solar Mobile Cold Storages

With Termodizayn solar-powered container type cold storages, you can cold store your products anywhere you want, regardless of the network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Due to the geographical conditions of our country, we benefit from more sunlight than European countries. Therefore, generating electricity from solar energy creates less electricity costs. The fact that the solar-powered container cold storages we produce are mobile provides many advantages. You can store the products you harvest in your fields, keep the fish fresh by putting them in the ports in the fishing areas, and can be used in many different areas easily.

Container type cold storage does not require installation. Therefore, you can continue to use it whenever you want by moving it to the region you want. With the batteries and solar panels on it, you can safely store your products without being connected to the mains electricity.
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