Termodizayn Grain Cooling Units

05 August 2021
Temperature is a serious problem for products stored in grain silos. As the air temperature inside the silo increases, the possibility of infestation and deterioration of the products inside increases.

Termodizayn Grain Cooling Units cool the product inside the silo with humid and cold air, reducing the temperature below 13 degrees. In this way, it prevents the proliferation of pests in your products and allows them to be stored for a very long time without any problems.

Grain Cooling Units are designed to operate in all seasons and in all weather conditions. Regardless of the outside weather conditions, you can easily cool your products with grain cooling units.

Since Termodizayn Grain Cooling Units cool your products with cold and humid air, they do not dry your products and prevent water loss. In this way, it allows you to get more efficiency from your products.

You can easily move the Grain Cooling Units next to the silo you want, thanks to their wheeled and mobile nature.
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