23 March 2020
Turkey, political, geopolitical and economic position at the same time it is a center of attraction in the world that are stimulating more every day is approaching. As it is known, we have overcome the difficulties we faced in 2018 and 2019 one by one and we continue to develop in military, economic, medical and commercial fields. Although meat imports increased especially in 2019, processed product exports increased as well. Hereby, the interest and trust of the investor in the sector is increasing.

White and red meat sector maintain its popularity is increasing day by day in Turkey and in the world. In addition, frozen ready-to-eat food, meatballs, doner, sausage and poultry products producers continue to support this sector and develop with the sector.

Especially in meat products that must be crushed into minced meat and seasoned with mortar, it is essential to use flake ice to prevent bacterial growth and to accelerate the adaptation of the finishing material to the mixture. Termodizayn company provides all kinds of help and services to its customers with its 33 years of knowledge and sector experience.

Termodizayn manufactures the devices for food processes meticulously following the criteria set by the Ministry of Health. In order to put a little bit of stone in front of the food terrorism that we have been facing recently, our expectation from consumers will be to consume it by researching, examining and knowing what it eats.
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