21 November 2017

The World Fisheries Day is celebrated on every 21st of November with a resolution of the World Aquatic Cultures and Fishers Forum in New Delhi in 1997. It is also celebrated for the first time in Turkey this year.

Fishing plays a very important role in the lives of communities, especially on rivers, coasts and wetlands. Fish is the main protein source for some 2.5 billion people around the world. The World Fisheries Day draws attention on the significance and importance of the day by revealing the relationship of human life with water and nutritional products with the striking data and analysis. This year, the day will be celebrated with various cultural events, concerts, exhibitions and meetings, and will try to attract the attention of people with the right management of fishery against the adverse effects of overfishing.

We also celebrate the World Fisheries Day of all the small, large, amateur or professional fishermen.

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