TUBE 100

Tube Ice Machines


The unique design of our Tube Ice Machine freezes ice automatically in the vertical stainless steel tubes by the refrigerant circulating around tubes in freezer shell, the swirl of water falls from top of each tube, the hole is formed during the formation of ice because the falling film of water, freezing takes place inside the vertical tubes, as the water freezes the impurities are washed back to the sump tank to be released as and when required, when the ice in the tubes is frozen to the desired thickness. Hot gas is released automatically in to the freezer shell releasing tubes of ice on to a cutter, the cutter cuts the pieces of desired preset length.

Produces ice in tube shape with outer dimensions of 22, 29, 35 & 41 mm Parts contacting the water are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316


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Model Name
TUBE 100
Ice Capacity (Per Day)
10000 kg/24h
Ice Capacity (Per Hour)
416 kg/h
Cooling Capacity
60000 watt
Ice Diameter
29 mm
Compressor Displacement
154,4 m3/h
Compressor Power
40 HP
Compressor Electric Power
37 kw/h
Compressor Absorbed Current
62 Amp
Compressor Type
Semi Hermetic
Dimensions (WxLxh)
2100x1400x3095 mm
3000 kg
Water Inlet Temperature
25 ℃
Outside Temperature
33 ℃
Condensation Temperature
43 ℃
Evaporation Temperature
-15 ℃
Required water pressure
1,5 bar
Water Type
Fresh Water