We Make An Extraordinary Tiny House By Evaluating Freight Containers

Based on the motto "MOBILE HOUSES ARE MUCH MORE THAN A CONTAINER", we have used our designing experience in cooling systems in a different perpective and our container house project emerged.
Container houses are comfortable, aesthetic and smartly designed mobile houses using the steel construction infrastructure of containers used in ocean transportation. Apart from living and housing needs, it is used in many other areas such as business offices.
There were many mobile solutions that we have developed in the cooling systems, and the idea of ​​building a container house called "Tiny House" has come in to life in order to take our design and aesthetic success in cooling systems to a different dimension.

All of the products are designed according to your needs and expectations. Especially on our website, an online module has been created where you can configure the house according to your needs. You can include all options on our tiny house web page.

You can also access the product video here.
Stay with Joy and Peace on Good Days ;)
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