Drugs and Chemistry


Due to its physical features, the area of utilization of the ice in chemical industry continuously expands. Diazotization coupling and condensation processes are necessary synthesising processes for production and synthesis of reactive AZO pigments and paints. As large amounts of heat is produced in these three processes and as the ideal reactive temperature must be between 0C/-5C, large amounts of ice must be added during the chemical reactions to provide product quality and temperature control.


In production and synthesizing processes of biological drug, chemical drug, drug mid-product, and quality chemical industry areas, large amounts of hygienic and clean ice must be added to control the reactive temperature and for the sustainability of the biological life. Flake ice is hygienic and clean, it has shapely granules, a powerful fluidity and a large contact surface and able to lower the temperature in a short time period, for this reason the flake ice is the ideal temperature controller and transferor to be use in drug and chemical sectors.

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