Ice Usage in Supermarkets and Fish Sales Stands

Ice is essential and needed for the fresh display of the products on fish stands and fish sales stands in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets. The ice type must be flake or liquid type.

As the ice is kept in negative temperatures it’s long-lasting and will not melt quickly. As it doesn’t dissolves quickly, it won’t cause any dampness and ensures a more clean area of usage.

As it’s in negative temperature and shaped as scale it forms a superficial coating on the fish. It provides a full contact. The temperature transfer is perfect. It doesn’t damage the fish as its light. On fish stands, the base of the stands can be easily coated. Even when it contacts with water it doesn’t melt, it will stick together more strongly.

Even after the stand is formed, it can be easily served on the fish. One of the main reasons of the perishable fishes is that no negative temperature ice is applied on them and heating the surface of the fish by applying too many illumination by lamps which causes heat radiation in long durations.

Flake Ice is easily stored and served. It moulds perfectly.

It covers and surrounds fresh fruit juice bottles with full contact. It provides a long lasting preservation for vitamins. Ice placed in the boxes of products keep them cold in their packages and keep them fresh during transportation.

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