Underground Mining Applications

Amongst the most important heat sources in underground coal mines there are; the heat released from the rocks of narrow passes, air compression heat resulting from the wind flows going up and down to the mine during the transportation of the coal, the heat arising from the working electrical and mechanical equipments, and the heat from oxidation etc.

Mines are extracted from depths such as 925 meters, as the ambient temperature is above 37C° these areas are classified as second class areas in terms of heat. The system substantially consists from ice production, carrying and transfer systems on the surface area.

Cooling transfer and carrying system in the underground is designed as an open system or the returning water is added to ice melting pool again and when the dust preventive water is used in small amounts its acquired from the cold water supply pipe. This water is used to prevent the piling up of the ice on the workbench and by spraying method temperature is decreased and the underground temperature is also decreased substantially and the productivity is increased.

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