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Our company has started its commercial activities in year 1987 as a family company.

Termodizayn has taken its first steps into becoming a corporate in the year of 2000. The company was established by professionals and experts on refrigeration by purely domestic capital.

TERMODIZAYN has developed its product range throughout the time and has reached a position whereby today it is able to export to 65 countries worldwide. Our company has adopted the principle of total quality and has completed its studies on quality certificates.

TERMODIZAYN offers its products with CE and ISO certificates since mid-2005. As a result of the quality and export efforts TERMODIZAYN products has reached a wide range of sales in the Europe, Asia, Africa and GCC countries. TERMODIZAYN particularly possesses a different position among its competitors in terms of being able to produce products for tropical climate conditions and making intelligent industrial designs.

TERMODIZAYN is a company today manufaturing in a closed area of 1000 m2, having more than 3500 domestic and international customers, service points in 10 different countries and also in 48 regions of Turkey.

TERMODIZAYN is working with a focus on customer satisfaction and is carrying its quality level at a higher point each single day.


Our company, manufacturing highly technological cooling units and aims to invest in innovations and development.arge

Our company believes in the necessity of producing technology instead of applying it, thus putting great effort to expand the R & D activities.

We prefer brands with high reliability in our devices in order to catch high quality. We are aware that any kind of investment carried out with regards to R&D, is actually done to the future of our company.

We are able to make a transition to new technologies in a short period of time thanks to the practical and dynamic team we have. We also have a flexible production structure by following the changes and innovations in technology closely.


TERMODIZAYN is at your disposal with 48 regional services which are spread all over Turkeywarranty
and with 7/24 service guarantee with fully equipped service vehicles.

All our products are covered with a 2 years warranty. We always assure a quick-service guarentee and respond all incoming requests with our expert staff immediately.

TERMODIZAYN has many authorized service partners in several countries. We are able to respond all international service calls within 24 hours and provide definite and permanent solutions to our customers.

Termodizayn also provides a 10 year spare parts supply guarantee for all of its products.


Our company has adopted the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.
Our company believes that the best advertisement is the good reference of a customer. And that customer satisfaction is related to quality which is sustained for years in Termodizayn products.

Having a TERMODIZAYN product is a privilege for our customers.


The growing number of our international customers shows the global trust in TERMODIZAYN products.
Today being an expert in the export of industrial ice machines and refrigeration units, Termodizayn manufacturing process and export documentation conform all European quality and safety standards.

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