We are shaping the future of the refrigeration industry in our 30th year

29 August 2017
Termodizayn, being one of the most important actors of the Middle East market, including Gulf and North African countries, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Termodizayn further strengthens its position in the sector day by day, shaping the future by investing in technology.

Lets hear Termodizayn 's success story from company founder and owner Güray Ürkmez;

It's been 30 years since I started working in trade and manufacturing. I have been alone in this journey since 2000 after starting as a family business in 1987. We have come to this day by working and developing from that year to this day. This is always a dreamed path. When I look back after so many years, I see that the progress we had in past years promises a great future of our company. All of our competitors are watching us in envy. They are curious about how we have achieved our success. We conduct our business at world norms and focus on big goals. We see it as a successful process, and for that reason we are moving slowly but surely to succeed in this business. If I should tell you the seven golden secrets that distinguish us from others; 

  1. Competition focused on quality and customer satisfaction instead of competition with market index.

  2. To provide fast and practical solutions.

  3. Removing statements such as "We do not” and  “We can not" from the literature

  4. Not to conclude the business until the customer is satisfied.

  5. Absolutely keeping up with the digital era! Follow the innovations.

  6. To build a loyal, persevering and respectful team to make the so-called professionalism more humane.

  7. To apply the beauty and principles of our beliefs in our business life.

Today, we are moving towards becoming a global brand every day by increasing our current market share through our distributors in USA, Australia, Greece, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Israel, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar as Termodizayn.
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