Why Termodizayn?

28 September 2017
1) Respected and Experienced

As an expert in ice machines and cooling systems, Termodizayn has been developing and producing new and realistic product solutions for 30 years. The trust of our customers gives us new motivation every day.

2) Top Quality Product Quality

We use very valuable materials and components in production to ensure the reliability and stability of our products. Continuous development of ice machines and cooling systems, ensuring compliance of all components and the finest quality of workmanship are guaranteed by Termodizayn long-life ice machines and cooling systems.

3) Unique and Dynamic Design

The combination of valuable materials with dynamic forms, Termodizayn ice makers and refrigeration appliances provide top design requirements. Termodizayn products will maintain elegance for years with quality workmanship.

4) Environmentally Friendly

Termodizayn ice makers and cooling systems are environment friendly. We use R404a as refrigerant in our products.

5) Super Saving

Termodizayn provides energy efficiency by using state-of-the-art and innovative technologies in ice machines and cooling systems.

6) Largest Product Range

In Termodizayn product range, there are a wide range of models ranging from flake ice machines to block ice machines, sea water coolers to test cabins, mobile blast freezing units to tube ice machines.
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