Blast Chiller

Rapid cooling capacity (product core temperature): from +5 ° C to +63 ° C 2 hours (max.100kg)
Quick freezing capacity (product core temperature) + 63 ° C to -18 ° C 4.5 hours (max.100kg)
Complete internal and external surfaces of stainless steel 304 cr.n
High air speed evaporator system
Manual defrost system
Double digital control panel (cold & frozen)
100mm thick polyurethane insulation
Rising hinged door system
Lockable and can be opened from the inside "security door"
Ramp for easy loading
Split cooling unit that can operate in hot climates

All Models

blast freezer
Temperature Range
-30 / +60 ℃
Compressor Power
5 HP
Effective Loading Area
90x100x210 cm
Dimensions (WxLxh)
1150x1600x2300 mm.
Model Name Temperature Range Compressor Power Effective Loading Area Dimensions (WxLxh) Price
BCH-100 -30 / +60 ℃ 5 HP 90x100x210 cm 1150x1600x2300 mm. Please Login
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