MBI 10000

Block Ice Machines (Brine Type)

  • block ice machine


Block ice is an ice type created by immersing cans filled with fresh water in a brine tank. The temperature of the brine is -12°C, which causes the water to freeze into solid blocks with a temperature of -5°C.

One of the reasons for block ice’s popularity is the fact its form allows an easy handling. It can be easily transported for a long distance without refrigerated vehicles. Termodizayn block ice machines are manufactured for commercial and industrial applications and have been designed to produce clean and fresh block ice in a trouble free manner.

• Ice blocks of 15, 20, 25 or 50 kg
• Refrigerant R404a, R507a, R717 or R22


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Model Name
MBI 10000
Block Ice Capacity (Per Day)
10000 Kg / 402 pieces
One Shift Ice Capacity
3375 Kg / 134 pieces
One Shift Time
7 Hours
Block Ice Size
15x32x70 cm
Block Ice Weight
25 kg
Cooling Capacity
75800 watt
Compressor Displacement
205,8 m3/h
Compressor Type
Semi Hermetic
Compressor Power
2x25 HP
Compressor Electric Power
39 kw/h
Compressor Absorbed Current
66,6 Amp
Dimensions (WxLxh)
10000x2140x16020 mm
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