Mobile Morgue Units

Termodizayn Mobile Morgue Unit is designed to provide suitable conditions for deceased ones while waiting for the funeral.

The doors are insulated to prevent heat transfer.

The unit is equipped with a life sensor for recovery (optional).
There is an information board on the doors of the unit.

Termodizayn Mobile Morgue Unit has a hermetic compressor and it has the feature of keeping the environment where the decedent is placed to cool between -5 ° C and 5 ° C.

The stretchers inside the cabinets of Termodizayn Mobil Morgue Unit have telescopic rail and have a maximum lifting capacity of 185 kg. It works independently and hangs in the air itself when pulled out.

All Models

Mobile Morgue Units
MM 8
Cadaver Capacity
Containerized (10ft Spc)
220V - 1P - 50Hz
mobile morgue
MM 24
Cadaver Capacity
Containerized (30ft Spc)
380V - 50Hz - 3Ph
Lift stretcher trolley (Hydraulic) Mortuary
Hidrolik Sedye Lifti
Model Name Cadaver Capacity Chassis Energy Price
MM 8 8 Containerized (10ft Spc) 220V - 1P - 50Hz Please Login
MM 24 24 Containerized (30ft Spc) 380V - 50Hz - 3Ph Please Login
Hidrolik Sedye Lifti Please Login
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