Solar Powered Cold Storages

You can store your products 24/7 regardless of the grid power anywhere you like with Termodizayn solar-powered container type cold storages.

With container type cold rooms operating with solar energy, you can easily solve cold storage problems and post-harvest loss problems in perishable foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products.

Since it is portable, Termodizayn solar-powered container-type cold storages can be easily transported directly to the places like farms, production facilities where livestock and fisheries are carried out.

All the components you need such as solar panels, batteries and cooling units are pre-assembled in our solar-powered cold storages.

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solar powered cold room
Cold Storage Temperature
0 ℃ / +4 ℃
220V - 50hz - 1Ph
Model Name Cold Storage Temperature Energy Price
SOLAR COLD ROOM 0 ℃ / +4 ℃ 220V - 50hz - 1Ph Please Login
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