Cooling Applications on Concrete Plants

All over the world, temperature controlled concrete is used on filling large scaled foundations of high buildings and on building large scaled sets. During the process, the temperature changed by water increases the temperature of the concrete to 25C and causes the expansion of the volume. On the other hand, after these processes the temperature of the concrete decreases and the volume of the concrete decreases. In this above-mentioned process, this generally leads to cracks on sets, for this reason the initial filling temperature of the concrete must be sufficiently low so the highest temperature obtained during the filling process will not exceed the value determined by the design unit.

Adding flake ice is the most efficient cooling method. Each 10 kg of flake ice decreases the temperature of the concrete by approximately between 1,2 C and 1.4C. These ices are produced by leaf ice machines.

 Termodizayn provided services and supplied the needs of some of the largest ice-making facilities for concrete cooling projects.

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