Cold Storage and Preservation Conditions of Foods

Cold storage is the provision of the necessary conditions to enable fruit and vegetables to be kept at their lowest level, provided that they do not stop their metabolism activities.

Storage temperatures of foods

Appropriate conditions are achieved by adjusting the temperature and relative humidity.

Optimal temperature; it does not carry the product to freezing point;

The optimum humidity is; It does not cause water loss in the product, decrease in quantity, product deterioration, wrinkling and internal dimming.

It is very important to determine the correct temperature in the warehouses and to use them for the life of the product.

For example, increasing the temperature by 1 ° C in apple storage leads to a loss of 13% in the storage life.

It is necessary to slow the respiratory rate of the fruit removed from the branch, therefore it must be cooled.

Keeping the apple from coming to the warehouse for 1 day at 25 ° C decreases the storage life of 6-20 days.

Products; should be kept in accordance with the technique in the conditions that will not deteriorate their natural structures.

Frozen products should be stored at temperatures below -18 ° C.

In cold storage, the product should be stored at temperatures between 1-2 ° C above freezing.

Since each product has its own temperature and humidity value, it is possible to place more than one product in the same warehouse.

Too much moisture in the tank may cause condensation of water and product deterioration.

In warehouses;

The floor and walls should be smooth, easy to clean, plaster not spilled, no negative effect on products.

Overhead ceilings and roofs should prevent leakage and should be insulated to prevent the effects of temperature changes.

In order not to obstruct the air flow, 80-90 cm gap should be left between the ceiling and the upper surface of the warehouse.

Otherwise, the product placed in front of the evaporator can be frozen, whereas the products at the points where the cold air does not reach may be insufficiently cooled and deteriorated.

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