What are Cooling Units?

The food sector is a huge sector that grows and develops itself every day in the world. Therefore, every day in the food industry another innovation faces both producers and users. Many people work and work to get the fish out of the sea to the table in a shorter time and in a fresher way. One of the most developed systems for this is the cooling systems. Cooling systems are the backbone of the food industry.

What are Cooling Units?

The cooling units are divided into many areas within themselves. Industrial type cold depot, container type shocking units, container type cold depot, portable butcher and fishery shops, mobile hospitals, quick cooling cabins, refrigeration devices, sea water cooling device, quick cooling cabinet, fresh water cooling device, sandwich panel, cold storage These systems, including doors, concrete cooling systems, and mobile water tanks are all lower branches of refrigeration units.

What are the usage areas of cooling units?

Cooling units are thus divided into many groups because of their wide use. In fisheries and aquatic products, more storage type cooling units are preferred. Thus, more fish can be stacked and stored. In addition, ice cream is very important in seasonal products such as fish.

Cooling units are also very important for concrete plants. Basic freezing operations are being carried out in the construction of concrete plants and large scale planned buildings. All of these applications are done with the help of cooling units.

We mentioned that the refrigeration units are the backbone of the food industry; fish, meat, poultry, flour products, supermarkets, vegetables - fruits and beverages, all benefit from cooling units.

The cooling units are quite extensive and are the products used in every area. Apart from the food and construction industry that we have so far, it is also used frequently in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. That is to say, the refrigeration units work in every detail, from the room we are sitting in, to the food we eat at the table and to the aspirin we drink. Cooling units are being used all over the world in this way and are being further developed.

Working Principle of Cooling Systems

The operating principle of the refrigeration units is to have a good insulation, suitability for the product to be stored, to be adjusted to the appropriate air temperature, and to have enough space. There is a different temperature unit, a different area unit, which is specific to each usage area. For this reason, the units adapt to each product separately and become various. This diversity of usage areas has opened the way for cooling systems to develop faster.

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