What are Ice Systems?

Ice machines and transfer systems used in many places in daily life are frequently preferred in the food and beverage sectors. Thermodizayn products, which are useful for keeping the products in healthy and hygienic conditions, are listed as follows:

Ice Use Areas

Fishing and Aquaculture: With the help of termodizayn flake ice the products are kept at low temperature during the transport and packaging
-Concrete plants: ice machines are used for concrete cooling operations.

-Supermarkets and Fish Rails: Fish rails are used to keep the products in the sales areas fresh.

-Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sector: The ice system and materials can be used to balance the heat generated during the production phase in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

-meat and Chicken Products: It is used to store oily meat products under proper conditions.

- In the crops: In the dough kneading process, the gum is used to control the temperature of the water by adding Flake ice.

-Vegetables and Fruits: ice machines  are used for pre-cooling of and fruits and vegetables.

- In beverages: Ice cubes made of clean, fresh water are used to cool beverages.

-In Industrial Cooling Firms: Cooling system is used to balance internal heat in factories, hospitals and shopping centers.

-In Cooling Systems in Conservation: Cooling systems are used to hide the ice in cold regions and to move these stored ice to places where the temperature is to be reduced.

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Experience the Difference of Cooling with Termodizayn Services

Termodizayn, which has been operating since 1987 with ice machines and cooling systems, is able to satisfy its customers with its quality. While many products such as Flake Ice Machines, Container Ice Machines, Mobile Block Ice Machines, Tube Ice Machines are located in the company's premises, Many cooling systems products such as Industrial and Container Coolers, Mobile Hospitals, Sweet and Sea Water Cooling, Concrete Cooling processes also provided as cooling services for large-scale enterprises.
Termodizayn, which manufactures in European standards for human health and environmental safety, attaches importance to customer satisfaction with its pre-sales and after-sales support. you can get technical support all over Turkey With Termodizayn Ice Machines and Cooling Systems, you can easily do any kind of cooling process for your business
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