What is Ice Maker ?

The need for ice is quite high all over the world, especially in hot climates. In the commercial arena, goods that are produced or imported need to be kept in a cool environment for long-term protection. This doubles the importance of ice machines. Especially in the fishery sector, imported fish must be protected in cold storage rooms so that they can reach their exported place without deterioration for a long time. In this way, commercial ice machines become a necessity. In our news, you can have detailed information about ice machine prices and ice machine varieties.

Ice machines, like other technological products, have a wide range of price ranges. For example, it is possible to buy an ice machine at medium size from 50-60 thousand liras. But just like everything else, the right choice in this regard will be to purchase a machine that will be available for many years to come. Such machines are very fragile and their life is rather short if they are not used correctly. Termodizayn is one of the country's leading companies in terms of ice machine. Thermodizyn ice machines, which are suitable for both price and quality, have unique designs. Thermodizayn, which is in constant business relationship with Germany and other European countries, is the number one company in our country in exports of commercial ice machines.


Ice machines are very diverse. Especially leaf ice machines can produce ice from both fresh and salt water. One of the most important features of these machines is that they can operate both air-cooled and water-cooled. The best choice for fishermen is container type ice machines. These container-type ice machines occupy very little space and allow you to store all your products in one machine thanks to the large volume. Commercial areas require ice machines in many sectors. At the same time, these ice machines are preferred by humanitarian organizations for water assistance to war and other natural disaster areas.

Termodizayn smart ice machine campaigns will continue throughout the summer months. If you follow these campaigns closely you can buy an ice machine you need at very reasonable prices. Not only ice machines but also cooling systems are very popular. You can install these cooling systems anywhere you like. You can then place quality ice machines into these systems. Mobile hospital, refrigeration equipment, PVC strip curtains and many other products are sent to your feet with the difference of Thermodizayn.


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