What Is The Cooling Equipment?

Check Valve

This is a kind of control element allowing the unilateral transition of the coolant.

Solenoid Valve

This equipment used generally in liquid line in the cooling systems is literally an electrical valve.


Driers literally function as filters in the system.

Sight Eye

Sight eye, as understood from its name, is the equipment used to observe the physical situation of the gas.

Ball Valve

Ball valves have a mechanical accessory and when required, they are used to stop the flow of the system and intervene the broken part of the line.

Liquid Tank

These tanks changing according to the system size and the working conditions constitute the place where coolant is stored in the liquid state.

Liquid Holder

This equipment which is not used in all systems is used for turning the system to the compressor in case it is applied in the different conditions.

Grease Separator

Grease separator is used in the compressor outlet line in the cooling system.

Vibration Receptors

This equipment, which is also known as flexible metal hose, is not used in all systems and is mainly seen in the big systems.

Low / High Pressure Primer

This is the equipment making the performance of the compressor stop and ensuring the safety of the system, in case more pressure than needed occurs in the outlet line of the cooling system or lower pressure than needed occurs in the suction line.

High Pressure Primer

The function of this equipment is to check the fans connected on the condenser (rectifier) according to the read pressure, to try to the keep the condenser pressure fixed in the desired values by opening and closing the fans according to the pressure.

Expansion Valve

It separates the refrigerant from the liquid line into its particles and leads it to easily evaporate in the Evaporator. It is one of the most important parts of the cooling system.
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